Written by Neena Hogle

 1. You Finally Know What Actually Coworking Actually Is

Most people have no idea what coworking is. Or they think they do, but they’ve got it wrong. This is the year you will have it all figured out. Lest there be any confusion, coworking isn’t about ‘holding hands and singing hymns while getting things done (thank you Sean Kelly @Spark Commons for the clarification). But it’s also not only for high-tech start-ups, or just a place for shared office space–both common misunderstandings. 

One of the most important part of coworking is the community it provides for people who are otherwise isolated–people who work from home, telecommute, freelance or are starting their own small business. Coworking spaces provides a location to share experiences, network, and be more productive by helping to separate work and home.

2. More Money, More Time, & More Flexibility

Why? Because, as Office Xpats cofounder Leslie Schneider explains, “coworking gives more people the chance to work, and therefore spend local, and be closer to their family’s needs. It gives one-person businesses the chance to grow within an informal incubator, and without any commitment to long-term leases. Coworking gives an entire community of professionals the chance to find each other, develop trust and eventually do some business with one another.”

And while coworking opens up a world of possibility for everyone, it can be an especially powerful option for women. The highest barriers for women in their careers and in operating small businesses come down to 3 things: access to capital; access to female coaches and mentors within their field; and access to flexible and affordable childcare coworking can help break down all of those barriers by building networks, connecting people and ideas and offering an effective infrastructure for more flexible work-life integration.

3. Your Home Office, Coffee Shop and Brick and Mortar Office Are All Great…Until You Try Coworking

To really understand what coworking has to offer, you first need to try working from home, a few coffee shops and a brick and mortar office. Once you do, you’ll know exactly what you’re missing when you try working from a coworking space instead.

City Office member, Neena Hogle says, “Coworking spaces have a different feel than ‘regular’ offices,” – “you’re there with coworkers, there’s coffee brewing and copiers running…but there’s a more productive and creative atmosphere than there is at a typical office. I do a combination of working from home, from coffee shops and from a coworking space on different days, depending on what my work requires that day. I like that my coworking space gives me a place to meet with clients and colleagues in a more professional setting than a coffee shop. On days that I cowork, I feel more productive, which I think is attributable to the productivity of the atmosphere and the people around me.”


You finally have options, right here in Bay City! Between Bay City’s affordability, beauty, breweries and stellar local communities, you don’t have to tell us why you choose to live here. What we’re not okay with is anyone feeling forced to make a hard call between leaving the land that they love just because of a job or professional ecosystem. 

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