6 Easy Ways to Understand and Explain Coworking!

1. Coworking memberships are like gym memberships for business professionals, except they are for your business rather than your body. 
Coworking memberships provide all of the tools a member needs to be successful. And, just like a gym membership, your business will get stronger the more you go!

2. Coworking offices are your office. 
You have “coworkers”. There is a person making sure your clients are greeted at the door, and there is coffee on demand. 

3. Coworking offices offer a social atmosphere and sense of community. (with a printer!)
Coworkers have all the freedoms of working from home plus a social atmosphere and sense of community. Like a coffee shop with no guilt about holding a table all day!

4. Coworking provides a space to connect with other business professionals. (Usually in other industries!) 
Coworkers work on their own thing, but around other trusted individuals. This works beautifully for sharing ideas and brainstorming.

5. Coworking spaces are a GREAT place to host meetings. 
Coworking spaces often have conference rooms available to rent to the public or members of the coworking community. (No more meet in loud/public coffee shops!)

6. Coworking spaces are an office space inside an office space!
Many coworking communities offer private office spaces. Lockable/private office space! With all utilities included! With a built-in network of professionals! With free coffee and a person welcoming your guests! With people to talk to when you need a break!

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