It’s National Clean your Computer Day! What does that mean?

Written by CU Tech

When was the last time you had your computer cleaned up? 

Did you know that your computer gets full of debris from use?

Things like temp files and tracking cookies accumulate and eat up space causing it to slow down!

City Office Member CU Tech recommend quarterly maintenance, which includes
⚪ Physically cleaning out the DUST in both workstations and laptops
🔵 A good digital clean up includes:
      o Dump temp files
      o Clean up that registry and remove registry keys that are no longer valid
      o Delete those cookies!
      o Install patches and updates
      o Archive or delete old and/or unnecessary files
      o Defrag the hard drive

If you are unsure how to do these things yourself, hire a professional to give you a good clean up!  It would be money well spent. Remember you never know what you prevented, you only know what went wrong because you didn’t.

For more information or to contact CU Tech visit:

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