Working from Home Isn’t As Amazing As You Think

The idea of working from home is simply divine. Get all of your work done without the distraction of the office! Stay on track with housework! Squeeze in some “me” time!

But silence can be deafening.  Blissful aloneness can begin to feel, well… lonely. We love the freedom that telecommuting gives people, but here are some of the reasons why entrepreneurs, remote workers, and digital nomads are choosing coworking communities as their preferred workspace. 

1.The PJ Paradox

We hear “I can work in my PJs!” a lot. Absolutely.  And you should…sometimes. But too much of a good thing can quickly become too much of a good thing.  Soon just leaving the house can feel like a chore, and loads of laundry and other household chores distract the PJ-loving business professional away from their work. 

2. The Business Relationship Divide

Like it or not, humans need to see each other. Face-to-tace meetings are critical in building a long-term business relationship, and fostering the connections that lead to professional growth.

3. Magic Happens in the Moment

Everybody can think back to a time that an amazing idea was sparked out of a conversation with a friend or coworker.  Ideas evolve over coffee. Skipping out on the opportunity to think through ideas with like-minded individuals is priceless, and not an option in your bathrobe. 

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